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Policies and Procedures

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

You can find our LMSSC Return to Skating Guidelines below.  All skaters should review these guidelines prior to returning to the ice.

LMSSC Return to Skating Guidelines



Skaters must attend all practices and competitions. Skaters are expected to be in the dressing room at least 15 minutes prior to practice times. For competitions, skaters are expected to be at the arena one hour prior (unless informed differently by your manager) to competition time. In a team sport absenteeism is one of the worst things an individual can do to disrupt the team. In all cases of absence, advance notification is a must. Contact your manager and your coach by phone or in person. Follow up with email if it is advance notification.

Any family vacations that have been booked MUST be logged well in advance with your manager and coach.

School work is extremely important. It is crucial that you stay on top of it and still attend all practices. Your teammates depend on you.

During floor and ice practices, working hard and listening are musts. Lack of either is disrespectful to your coach and the team.

Proper practice attire is expected at all times. Hair must be secured in a ponytail and bangs pinned back neatly. No large earrings. No gum chewing.

All skaters are expected to do extra single sessions to continually upgrade their skating skills (skills, freeskate, or dance).

CHRISTMAS: Skaters are given time off during the school holiday break period, but may have a session scheduled. If skaters have family travel plans, advise your coach and manager in advance.


Please remember that the internet, Facebook, and even text messages on your phone are public spaces. What you send can be seen by more than one person or sent to someone else. The club, your team and you are judged by what others see and hear. Remember before you type that others cannot tell you are just trying to be funny. Words are taken at face value or out of context. Be courteous.

Fundraising and Fees

LMSSC does many fundraisers throughout the season. There are fundraisers for the whole club and each team also has the option of doing their own fundraisers. Ask your team manager for information.

Each skater has an individual fundraising account that is looked after by our volunteer Treasurer. The money that accumulates in your skater’s account may be used at any time by filling out the necessary form (see your manager).

All fundraising requests must go through the team manager, please do not contact the Treasurer directly.

Wardrobe Requirements

All skaters are required to purchase the following:

  • T-shirt
  • Practice Dress
  • Travel Attire (Team specific and will be advised by your manager).

Payment Policies

We will let every parent/skater know what their fees are for the upcoming season, but because our fees are based on the number of skaters per team, our coaches need to place each skater on a team before the fees are determined.

Fees include:

  • Practice Ice
  • Coaching
  • Competition Fees
  • Club Operating Costs
  • Competition Dress .
  • Accessories (make-up and tights)
  • Floor Practices
  • Coaches' travel

Post Dated Cheques

Season fees are to be paid by post-dated cheques in equal installments over 6 months – October 15 – March 15. All post-dated cheques are required to be handed in to your Team Manager, otherwise your skater WILL NOT be allowed on the ice until all cheques are received. Please place in an envelope marked with: Team Name, Skater’s Name, Amount of cheque(s).

NSF Cheques

$50.00 SERVICE CHARGE – PLEASE NOTE. THIS WILL BE COLLECTED. NO EXCEPTIONS. If a NSF cheque is received more than once, a cash or money order only basis will apply thereafter and your post-dated cheques will be returned to you.


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