Ice X-clamationIce X-pectationIce X-celIce X-caliburIce X-quisiteIce X-perience
Ice X-clamation

ex·cla·ma·tion   [?ekskl??m?SH(?)nnoun 
a sudden cry or remark, especially expressing surprise

Beginner I team  -  Ice X-clamation 


This seaon we have 12 VERY excited skaters.  They are looking forward to showing off their new program and debuting their dresses. 

Events planned:  Monitoring, GVSSC Gala, BC/YK Open, Mountain Regionals,

and West Coast Challenge


Lots of fun times ahead!


Coached by:  Leslie Rupp

Managers:  Sonam Manaktahla and Jaspreet Sethi